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Mother & Babycare Services for Baby Massage and Postpartum Care


(Starting from Rs.3,300/Month)
Free Session Available


Mother & babycare services is specifically created to address the needs of the mother and the baby post-delivery. Work closely with our team of experts, dieticians, lactation specialists, Pre and postnatal coaches, infant massage instructors, physiotherapists, and fitness experts in creating a plan for postpartum care for mom and the newborn.

The Mother & Babycare Program Includes:

  • 6 One to one Mentoring sessions(Fortnightly)
  • Quick recovery for the mother
  • Fast contraction of vaginal muscles
  • Breastfeeding training
  • Diet plans to boost up Breast milk
  • Connect with lactation specialist
  • Child Healthcare counselling
  • List of essential Herbs & Grocery items
  • 3 Personalised Diet & Lifestyle plans
  • 3 Month specific Gyan Kosh Booklets


(Starting from Rs.9,900)
Free Session Available


Effective baby care program to improve the bonding between post natal mother-baby duo and reduce post-partum complications. Holistic sessions facilitate identifying and meeting the baby’s needs, enhancing proper feeding and nutritious intake and learning baby massage techniques.

The Program Includes:

  • 4 group session 90 min/each
  • Internationally certified Infant Massage Instructor
  • Learn to massage your baby
  • Infant/Baby massage techniques, positions & strokes
  • Read baby cues & behavioural states
  • When to massage & when not to for expecting & new parents
  • 1 Gyan Kosh on hand movements
  • Focuses on loving touch of family member