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What are Stem Cells?

All other cells with specific roles are developed from stem cells. So, in a way, these cells can be called as the body's building blocks. These special cells are present in the cord blood of your baby. These cells have the miraculous potential of treating severe and even chronic health issues if preserved.

Benefits of Preserving Cord Blood Stem Cells

Here are some compelling benefits of preserving your child’s cord blood stem cells, have a look-

  • These cells have the ability to treat more than 80 serious illnesses, including cancer, blood abnormalities, immune system problems, and genetic diseases.

  • Your child and possibly other family members injured or damaged cells may be healed or rebuilt with the use of stem cells.

  • Compared to stem cells from other sources, umbilical cord stem cells are more active and younger, which allows them to differentiate more quickly.

  • If needed, your baby's stem cells can be collected and made available right away. Consequently, finding a potential bone marrow donor and taking all the pain, immediately or in future, won't be required at all.

How to Preserve Stem Cells? Talk to an Expert

Here is the gist of the entire stem cell preservation procedure-

  • Depending on the physiological parameters of the umbilical cord, the typical volume of cord blood obtained ranges from 40 to 100 ml..

  • The stem cell laboratory receives the cord blood after it has been collected, where it is processed to separate the stem cells and check for pathogens and germs.

  • Afterwards, stem cells are put into liquid nitrogen at -196°C and frozen using a specialised method.

  • Depending on the duration chosen by you, mostly 23-25 years, the stem cells will remain safe and preserved in the stem cell bank.

If you want to know more details, or if you have certain questions in mind or if you want to discuss the entire procedure thoroughly, we suggest you talk to a stem cell expert as soon as possible.

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