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Role of HPV Testing in Detecting Cervical Cancer for Women

According to recent reports, Cervical cancer is the second most frequent disease among women in India, after breast cancer, despite the fact that it is mostly avoidable with vaccination. For the unversed, according to Globocan 2020, around 6,04,100 new cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed globally in 2020, with 3,41,831 fatalities related to this malignancy, In 2020, cervical cancer accounted for 9.4% of all cancers and 18.3% (1,23,907) of new cases in India. This is an eye-opener for women to take HPV testing seriously and book HPV testing in their next routine health checkup.

What do you mean by HPV?

HPV is another name for Human Papillomavirus and ranks as one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. It is one of the main reasons why cervical cancer is on the rise among women. Hence it is mandatory to carry out effective HPV testing to detect and diagnose to take steps early on.

HPV: Cervical Cancer in Making

HPV is a virus that infects the body through sexual intercourse. The symptoms are not visible and can take time to gain more visibility but it also depends on body to body. HPV can spread easily and can become cancerous in no time. The most common cancer that happens through HPV is cervical cancer but it can also result in other types like vaginal, anal, vulvar, etc.

HPV early-stage signs and symptoms in Females: Wake-up Call for HPV Testing

  • Small, raised pinkish bumps in the genital area, 
  • infection because of HPV, 
  • persistent itching in genital area or irritation, 
  • infections in mouth or sores in the mouth or throat area 

All the above-mentioned signs can be grouped into early symptoms which require further HPV testing and screening by doctors. However, most HPV cases are asymptomatic which means patients show no visible symptoms or experience them and can only be dealt with in a medical checkup. Regular screenings and HPV testing are essential and crucial for HPV early-stage detection.

How to do HPV Testing at Home?

How to test for cervical cancer at home

HPV testing at home can be done by buying HPV testing kit from an authentic platform like Newmi Care. Follow these steps:

  • Book HPV test kit for women
  • Once you received it, self-collect your sample.
  • Schedule a pick-up.
  • Get expert-reviewed results in 2 days. 

HPV testing at home has an ability to detect 24 high risk hpv strains in women. 

Advanced HPV Testing for Preventing Cervical Cancer from Newmi Care

Avail of advanced HPV testing kit for cervical cancer screening from Newmi to test high-risk hpv which is mainly responsible for causing cervical cancer. It is an accurate analysis of hpv testing which uses RT-PCR technology. It can detect 24 high-risk HPV strains in women which may lead to cervical cancer if left undetected.

FAQs related to HPV testing:

  • What are the signs of cervical cancer with HPV?

Abnormal weight loss, persistent vaginal bleeding, heavy and prolonged periods, pelvic pain, unusual vaginal discharge with foul smell and watery or blood infused consistency, etc are the hpv early stage signs that can result into cervical cancer.

  • What are the 5 warning signs of cervical cancer?

5 warning signs or symptoms of cervical cancer are:

  • Small, raised pinkish bumps in the genital area, 
  • infection because of HPV, 
  • persistent itching in genital area or irritation, 
  • infections in mouth or sores in the mouth or throat area 
  • unusual weight loss and fatigue
  • Can HPV cause cervical cancer?

Not all HPV forms can cause cervical cancer. There are many viruses that come under hpv which are classified as high risk and low risk. Your immunity prevents HPV from getting malignant and most of the time you recover from hpv due to your immunity levels. HPV-16 and HPV-18 can result in cervical cancer. It is better to do HPV testing to check HPV strains and evaluate if they have the potential to develop into cervical cancer.

  • What are the different testing and screening methods available for cervical cancer?

PAP SMEAR test is a commonly used testing method by doctors to detect changes in the cervix cells. Other than that HPV testing offers knowledge about HPV-16 and HPV-18 strains and Co-testing which is both pap smear and HPV testing is done in some cases if pap smear required further screening. You can carry out HPV testing using the Newmi Care HPV test female at-home testing kit

Bottom Line:

Book for HPV testing kit from Newmi to carry out a home testing facility. Lifecell HPV Test Female at-home testing kit in collaboration with Newmi Care offers provision to do HPV testing at home and helps doctors with accurate diagnosis and provides a quick opportunity to provide remedial measures.

Have you booked your ‘at home HPV testing kit’ from Newmi yet?

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