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Why you should opt for pregnancy care packages?

  • By Newmi
  • •  May 19, 2022

When the realisation of your pregnancy sinks in, different kinds of emotions like happiness, anxiety, wonderment kick in. Feel those emotions to the fullest, take the ladder of glory and reach to the dizziest heights but see to it that in every rung of the ladder, you find pregnancy care because only through mindful care, you will achieve a healthy pregnancy. Many women still don’t know about pregnancy care.  Even families need to be educated on how to take care pregnant woman. We bring you a pregnancy care guide that you can follow to maintain your well-being during pregnancy. 

In this article:

What is pregnancy care? 

    Pregnancy care is holistic way of dealing with your pregnancy, both prenatal and postpartum. It opens door to procure a right aid that will handhold you during your pregnancy. During pregnancy, care for yourself is very much recommended by health experts so that you remain strong and healthy, to nurture a life inside you.  

    How to take care of yourself during pregnancy? 

    • Nutrition and Diet: 

    Once you know that you are pregnant, you need to watch out on your food. The healthy food choices that you make will determine how healthy your baby will be. Make sure you eat a well-balanced nutritious food and include all food groups in your daily diet. Folic acid is very important which can be obtained through green leafy vegetables. In addition to the natural source, your doctor will recommend folic acid supplements to ensure that you receive required amount of folic acid for your pregnant body. At least 1000 mg of calcium is needed during pregnancy. Common calcium-fortified sources are milk and milk products like cheese, yogurt etc should be taken as part of pregnancy food.  Be aware about pregnancy foods to avoid like raw eggs, unpasteurized juice and milk to protect yourself from harmful consequences.  

    • Trimester wise testing: 

    The path of nine-month journey is not always strewn by rose petals for there are gravels that will pose as obstacles. In order to protect yourself from risky gravels and put on a smooth ride, testing is mandatory. 

    Once you are through with your home pregnancy test and found that it is positive, Pregnancy care first month tests will involve a blood test to check how much hcG is in your blood, ultrasound to rule out any birth or neural defects in your baby. Other than that, second trimester and third trimester will have series of tests and scan to monitor your baby’s moment, check for any birth anomalies or genetic disorders and to establish a due date for delivery.  

    • Postpartum care 

    When your baby is out, the hormonal rush doesn’t stop but with a spring in its step, it sends your emotions on a roller-coaster ride. From feeling a burst of excitement in your veins to swooping to a deadly low, it works on extremes.  

    Postpartum care is still an under-addressed subject in India. It is all about keeping the care going on even after the delivery of your baby. Often emphasis is laid on how to take care when pregnant but there is not much awareness on postpartum care. Neglecting postpartum care results in postpartum depression in women.  

    During postpartum period, a woman undergoes many physical and emotional changes. In this period, the centre of attraction moves from pregnant mother to her new born baby. She is asked to be grateful for what she has in her lap citing there are so many women who are not as lucky as she is. She might not be candid in showing her unsettling emotions but she might be paddling her feet furiously underwater, struggling to keep up with society’s expectations and learn all about handling the baby in a short period of time.  

    The society’s neglect of her mental health, the tumult that she feels inside her, new changes in her physique, lack of sleep and the unending demands of her baby like nursing, pumping breastmilk, changing nappies etc weigh her down, pushing her towards postpartum depression. While postpartum sets in after childbirth and continues till 8 weeks, postpartum depression or PPD can last longer and sometimes gets detected very late.  

    Pregnancy care and postpartum: 

    • A right pregnancy care package takes care of your postpartum and makes sure that you don’t fall in downward spiral.  
    • Handholds you to take charge of your body and mind through yoga or meditation sessions 
    • Holds mentoring sessions that revolves around your diet and lifestyle post childbirth 
    • Familiarise you with pelvic floor movements with the help of pelvic experts 
    • Support you in postpartum depression and help you manage its symptoms  
    • Getting you access to OB/GYN or a mental health expert to get right treatment, coping mechanisms for PPD 
    • Counselling you and your family about PPD and how they can help/contribute to soothe you during these times.  

    Pregnancy care packages :

      To take care of pregnant women’s needs, emotional as well as physical, many pregnant care platforms are banding together to provide beneficial pregnant care packages.  A comprehensive pregnancy care plan will integrate the offerings by taking all the stakeholders like mother, her child and family, in its fold.  

      What goes inside a well-designed pregnancy care package? 

        • Diet and lifestyle – As your diet needs a watchful eye, it will give access to health experts and help you design personalised health plans  
        • Reinforce connect through hands – Many new mothers do not know about infant massaging techniques which is made easy through pregnancy care package. An infant massage instructor will reach out to you to guide you in handling your baby bath time, building a deep bond between you and baby 
        • Mentoring sessions – Access to mentors who have expertise in postpartum, breastfeeding and delivery planning. This is an added benefit that more than any tools or material, a real human will deal with you, who will be non-judgemental in their approach.  
        • Prenatal fitness with community support – Fitness is a part and parcel of your bumpy ride. Practicing exercises, curated trimester wise yoga asanas, and other vital movements with community of moms will motivate your spirit and help you develop connections and friendships. 
        • Difficulties in navigating emotions – Empowers you to handle emotional challenges by offering emotional support, recognises and treats postpartum depression by its wellness initiative 
        • Essential technological tools – With pregnancy care app, you will have all and sundry under one roof like virtual-personal connect with your mentors, your personalised diet plans and one-stop shop for all your pregnancy needs. 

        Pregnancy care tips :

          • Eat healthy food and recommended prenatal supplements  
          • Be present for all your check-ups and tests  
          • Talk to your healthcare provider and know everything about pregnancy care 
          • Stock up on comfortable maternity wear and nursing wear 
          • Educate yourself and your family about postpartum  
          • Include physical activity like prenatal yoga or meditation in your routine 
          • Drink lot of water and be hydrated 


              Need for prioritising pregnancy care is important for a positive mental health in a woman. Slighting her mental health during pregnancy can have damaging effects on her but if taken seriously, will help her connect with her inner self.  And if a woman has stronger bond with herself, she will connect even better with her baby.  

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