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Why Garbha Sanskar vibes are important for your baby?

  • By Newmi
  • •  May 04, 2022

Pregnancy is not only about your physical health but it has lot to do with your mental health too. As much as nutrition to your body is important and vital, keeping your mind nourished with good thoughts is integral for your baby’s all-round development.  What you think, the thought you process, gets assimilated and squirrels its way into your baby. Through Garbha sanskar, you will learn how to embrace a positive emotional health in your lifestyle so that it benefits and nurtures your baby’s character and personality right from it’s stay in your womb.

In this article:

What is Garbhasanskar?

    From time immemorial, pregnant women are asked to think positively and practice activities that keep them happy and peaceful. Reason being, the baby inside a pregnant woman has a power to absorb the thoughts that come its way. Garbh means ‘foetus’ and sanskar means ‘training a mind’; together it translates to educating a foetus’ mind for its betterment and mindful connection with its self. What you want your baby to do, you should knead it with your mind and thoughts.

    Sanskar driven child is a result of Prarabdh and Purusharth. While the former are majorly the actions in our previous birth, you don’t have enough control over it but the latter is the present or the actions carried out in this birth and providing values to your baby in this birth. Purusharth revolves around the family members and encourages them to take wise steps to bring in a well-integrated sanskarit child. In order to accomplish the same, a routine designed to connect mind, body and soul by the daily activities are necessary during pregnancy.

    Over a period of time, this conventional wisdom of consciously practicing positive routine in pregnancy has been researched by experts making them believe that there is significant connection between science and Garbh sanskar. Therefore, Garbha sanskar is regarded as a science that enlists saatwik diet, right lifestyle habits, chanting mantras and shlokas in order to shape your physical and emotional health during pregnancy.

    Benefits of Garbhasanskar for Pregnancy:

    Garbha sanskar is a highly sought-after course during pregnancy because of the range of desirable benefits it offers:

    • It makes you understand about your pregnancy
    • Establishes the importance of healthy pregnancy
    • Increases focus, mindfulness in you so that you become connected to your baby
    • Improves baby’s neural channel and brain function
    • Stimulates 5 senses in your baby
    • Pumping energy in your blood stream, thus making you more active and aware
    • Reducing anxiety and blocking negative thoughts
    • Provides a positive environment for your baby to grow
    • Strengthens bond between mother and baby
    • Supports peaceful sleeping habits in you and your baby
    • Aids in prompt response in your baby
    • Makes you adopt a healthy dietary routine even after the arrival of your baby

      How does Garbhasanskar work?

      Your environment affects your baby. When you decide to have a baby, you need to start the process of aligning your mental, spiritual, and physical health. The things that happen around you, the activities you involve yourself in, the music you listen, or the hobbies you cherish doing; everything you do in your daily routine have an effect on your baby. Garbh sanskar program methodically combines all these activities for you to have a consistent connect with these activities on a daily basis. Further, Garbha sanskar guides your baby to connect with an external environment and the impact of the set of activities conducted in Garbha sanskar influences your baby so much that they become the building blocks, upon which their future thought process is shaped. 

          How to do Garbhasanskar?

          The set of activities that come under Garbha sanskar are:

          • Meditation and breathing exercises
          • Healthy dietary pattern/ Nutrient-rich eating habits
          • Engaging with creative activities to invite good and tranquil thoughts
          • Chanting of shlokas and spiritual hymns
          • Communicating with your baby softly and practicing things that improve baby’s creative mind like reading books, listening to songs, etc

            What is an ideal month to start Garbhasanskar?

            Many people are plagued with thoughts like when to start Garbha sanskar or is it necessary to do it all throughout the nine-month journey. While there is no theory that dictates the terms and timeline to start Garbha sanskar practice, starting Garbha sanskar from first month is the best way to bring in the healthy thoughts and routine on your way. Since first trimester is crucial, that is when the foetus is in the nascent stage, sending in positive vibes and giving a peaceful environment to it is mandatory. This will set the tone for your baby to respond to Garbha sanskar activities for the rest of the period in pregnancy.

            FAQs related to Garbhasanskar:

            Can I follow Garbha sanskar at home?

            Garbha sanskar techniques are not very difficult to practice at home. The practice of reading good books, listening to good music, chanting shlokas, meditation and eating healthy nutritious pregnancy food can be followed daily at home. However, Garbha sanskar prescribes a solution to nurture happy environment, you need an expert or a Garbha sanskar practitioner to help you lead through the solution and figure out a right direction. Enrol in a Garbha sanskar class and have a frequent interaction with the course instructor. Understand the program objectives and outcome that mainly revolves around diet management, guided meditation, and other womb training aspects.

            Parents especially mothers are role model to any child. To teach them empathy and positive emotional behaviour, first you need to imbibe those values in you. Point is, to make your baby adhere to the Garbha sanskar environment even after he/she is out of the womb, you need to lead by example. Consistency is the key to nurture any habit. Garbha sanskar blessings for new arrival can be bestowed by practicing regularly the habits and inculcating tranquil feelings. Encourage good thoughts and apply those in action, continue with the creative pursuits and engage mindfully and spiritually with your inner-self so that your baby will also apply the same in his/her walk of life.

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