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What breastfeeding techniques you must exercise for easy latching?

  • By Newmi
  • •  Jun 16, 2022

Breastfeeding is endowed with wide range of benefits as it provides ultimate nutrition for your baby. The antibodies in the breastmilk help prevent illnesses in your baby reduces the risk of infant related infections. As studies and society put emphasis on breastfeeding, you need to be aware of right breastfeeding techniques to provide your baby an easy access to your breast.  

In this article:

  • When to start breastfeeding? 
  • Key Breastfeeding techniques 
  • Breastfeeding accessories and dress 
  • FAQs related to techniques of breastfeeding 
  • Summary 

When to start breastfeeding?

    Right after delivery, babies have an instinct to latch on your breast. They show curiosity and are ready to breastfeed. The sense of touch excites them, provides comfort and helps associate more with you so it is strongly advised to lift your baby and tag them along with your skin immediately after birth. This is one of the feeding cues or breastfeeding techniques to stimulate suckling behaviour in your baby. Generally, your baby would show signs of interest like placing their hands on their mouth, tickling the nipple and suckling. These tendencies are more in the first 45 minutes and can stay up to 2 to 3 hours after birth. This urge should be satisfied immediately for it has glorious outcome in your baby.  

    Key Breastfeeding techniques:

    First week is crucial for breastfeeding mothers to initiate the process of breastfeeding. In order to nurture your baby and achieve success, some feeding techniques for newborn mothers are advised by lactation specialists. 

    • First and foremost, get into a comfortable position 
    • Relax and steer clear from any stress. Your baby can understand your vibe. 
    • Sit on a bed using a comfortable chair or stool to place your legs  
    • Check if there is any leak in diaper before nursing. Your baby must be feeling uncomfortable if a diaper is soiled so changing it before nursing is mandatory 
    • For best results follow different breastfeeding positions like cradle hold, cross-cradle hold, football hold, side-lying position or laidback position. These are commonly used breastfeeding positions that most of the breastfeeding women use for feeding their babies
    • Some breastfeeding nipple agree to only some positions so play with different positions and breastfeeding techniques and find a comfortable one for your baby to latch 

    Breastfeeding accessories and dress:

    As more and more women are coming forward to breastfeed and spreading breastfeeding importance in their network, comfort wears and accessories are gaining popularity which makes easier for breastfeeding mothers.  

    • Breastfeeding pillow 

    Feeding pillows should be soft and comfortable. Fluffy, cushiony, polyester pillow that feels like a warm embrace while nursing your baby is every breastfeeding mother should possess. While feeding your baby, you should not droop low as it puts pressure on your back. Find a maternity and nursing pillow that becomes a back for your back and ensures you a great time holding your baby’s mouth to your breast and at the same time proves a sturdy support to your baby. 

    • Breastfeeding dress 

    Breastfeeding dresses come in different colours and prints but educate yourself on dresses that give you comfort while nursing your baby. Maternity nursing dresses should be made of pure cotton and should feel like your second skin. You can choose a buttoned pattern, Kaftan style or stylish A-line dress and flaunt your baby bump. Point is, you don’t have to wait till delivery to wear a nursing dress. You can opt for a beautiful nursing dress that comes with pockets or frills and flounces and steal the scene by wearing it for maternity photoshoots.  

    • Breastfeeding bra 

    Nursing bra covers the whole breast and keep them in place. With its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, cotton nursing bras are a must-have accessory. Your baby should have easy access to your breast which a  maternity and nursing bra promises to deliver. Its simple clasp, instant drop access, and soft cups that provides a floor to fit and lift effortlessly make them instant hit among new moms. Choose a breastfeeding bra whose straps sit comfortably on your shoulders and do not leave any mark on your skin. Post delivery your skin is very sensitive so avoid the clothing that is harsh for your skin.  

    • Breastfeeding pad 

    Breastfeeding pad absorb breastmilk and protect your clothing from stains. When you are feeding, milk may tend to leak even after baby releases its mouth from suckling. Nursing pad is a useful accessory in case of large supply of milk, during initial days of breastfeeding or when you are going to a workplace. Breastfeeding nipples are very delicate and sensitive to fabric so see to it that it is not made of artificial material. Use 100% cotton which is soft and safe for your nipples. Many nursing pads come with adhesive strips which will hold the pad in place and prevent it from shifting and causing discomfort for you.  

    FAQs related to breastfeeding techniques:

    Where can I learn about breastfeeding techniques? 

    Breastfeeding is an instinct for both mother and baby. It is a skill that is innate but having said that, wrong positions and inappropriate feeding methods will give hard time for you and your baby. There are many tutorials available online that can guide you but sitting and interacting with a lactation specialist who is well-versed with right breastfeeding techniques cannot match up to any tutorial or video. Since you have lot of queries initially, it is best to enrol into a post recovery program. The post recovery program consists of mother and baby care module which focusses mainly on breastfeeding, techniques related to breastfeeding, ways to boost breastmilk through dietary boosters, knowing your baby’s cues and suckling behaviour and much more. The module is designed in a way that you can connect with lactation specialist who will solve all your doubts pertaining to nursing. 

    Can I wear a maternity bra when not pregnant? 

    Maternity bra is different from regular non-maternity bra. Maternity bra is designed to support the growing breasts all through the trimesters. Otherwise using it for normal purposes will provide discomfort to you. It is better to use maternity bra when pregnant to avail exclusive benefits that it is designed to offer.  

    Is wearing bra must during pregnancy? 

    There is a school of thought that says not wearing bra during pregnancy could result into sagging of breasts. While that is so, stretch marks is another problem that you will experience when without bra when expecting. And moreover, the load in your breasts due to milk production will be uncomfortable to move around if you are not wearing a bra. In addition to all of the above, the skin around your breasts becomes very sensitive to touch. There are tons of choices and beautiful options in terms of bra for maternity. Lack of underwire in them and soft straps in them act as a relief and is a big motivator to wear bra during pregnancy. 

    What is the difference between a maternity bra and nursing bra? 

    A nursing bra comes with clasps, zips or fit and lift panels to have an easy access to your baby’s mouth to latch to your breasts while maternity bra is minus all of these but is designed to support your breasts by giving full coverage. Maternity bra, also known as pregnancy bra, has extra set of eyes and hooks and come with broader straps. Maternity bra is worn before delivery and all through the trimesters whereas nursing bra is embraced after delivery of your baby.  

    Where should I buy maternity bra? 

    When chased with the thoughts about bra size and best maternity bras, there is also one more thought which hovers the mind of expecting mothers and that is where to buy maternity bra. The answer is very simple. If you have made choice of purchasing it online, choose the maternity brand that satisfies all the criteria discussed above about maternity and nursing bras. Look for a fully adjustable with perfect fit bra for maternity that will prevent marks, sagging, and drooping and is made using 4-way stretch cotton for safety and comfort. 

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