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Selfcare tips for expecting mothers

  • By Newmi
  • •  Dec 01, 2022

Pregnancy is a wonderful moment. It is like a mingled yarn of pleasure and uncertainties. In the time of pregnancy, we tend to go overboard on the needs of the growing baby in our tummy, pushing our needs and care on the back burner. If you go by the words of mental health experts, then you might have learned them saying repeatedly that taking care of oneself is crucial during pregnancy and it reflects on the life inside you as much as it does on your physical and emotional health. Newmi gives you some simple tips that you can follow in the course of your nine-month bumpy ride. 

In this article:

  • What is Selfcare?
  • Why is Selfcare important for pregnant moms?
  • How to care for yourself at the time of pregnancy?
  • How can Newmi support your maternal selfcare?
  • Summary

What is Selfcare?

    Selfcare is consciously taking care of yourself. It is prioritizing your physical and emotional health by giving due importance to both, in equal measure. Tending for yourself and your needs is vital to be happy and stress-free. Selfcare releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine and brings harmony to your mind, body, and soul.

    Why is selfcare important for pregnant moms?

      Pregnancy runs deep. Your mind has to steer clear of intrusive thoughts during your pregnancy period. If your mind is clouded with disturbing thoughts, it translates into your body. Selfcare during pregnancy is vital to navigating those unsettling emotions and channelizing them to a better place. With a conscious approach, you can put selfcare into your daily routine. Your womb is an institution for your growing baby. With selfcare, you can see to it that positive vibrations reach your baby. Just like breathing techniques have been extolled and elevated to an exalted status, selfcare techniques are regarded as sacred for pregnant women.

      How to care for yourself at the time of pregnancy?

        • Healthy diet 

        Eating nutritious food and including all food groups like protein, calcium, iron and folic acid, is part of your selfcare. Ensure your plate is filled with pregnancy nutritious food like fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and nutritious boosters like pregnancy laddus, herbal teas, etc. By the means of a healthy diet, you can watch the weight that you are loading into your pregnant body. You can regulate your skin and achieve better skin health by being watchful of your dietary habits.

        • Body fitness 

        Being on the move and practicing stretches/yoga asanas stills your mind and brings calm to your mind. If your mind is free from any worry and stress, you automatically gravitate toward healthy creative habits like reading, journaling, listening to music, shloka chanting, etc. All these habits are important during pregnancy. 

        • Journaling 

        Sometimes there are some things that you cannot easily put into words. You find it hard to communicate freely. In such times, journaling helps you with a free flow of feelings and thoughts. Nurture the habit of journaling during pregnancy so that you can easily articulate your thoughts. You can write one page each day. There need not be any cue but whatever you sense and observe during the day can be a prompt for the day. 

        • Enroll for a childbirth class 

        Joining a childbirth class is a part of your selfcare syllabus. Since childbirth education envelops diet, fitness, and garbhasanskar; your selfcare gets taken care of daily. You get liberal doses of selfcare in your childbirth education sessions. You can avail information about breastfeeding techniques, birthing methods, and pain management tips which will make your life easier.

        • Quality spouse time 

        Your pregnancy period should also involve your partner’s support. His emotional availability is very important and it augments the efforts that you are putting toward your selfcare. Spend time with your partner and communicate your worries or fears with him. Communicating your feelings with someone reduces your stress. You both can opt for childbirth education classes together. Childbirth classes will have counseling sessions for your spouse to understand what it means to be pregnant, the changes that a woman undergoes in her body during pregnancy, and the importance of family support.

        How can Newmi support your maternal selfcare?

          Newmi, with its collective efforts of offering safe products, expert workshops, sessions, and pregnancy care plans, adds value to your selfcare. Sustainability is the key when it comes to caring. Newmi’s pregnancy care plans work toward sustainable personalized healthcare plus a cohort of expecting mothers’ group to interact, learn and offer knowledge and support. The pillars of pregnancy care plans from Newmi are professional consultations, diagnostics and tests, shops to fulfil your maternal needs, a care buddy to support you throughout the program, and holistic wellness toward your mental health. You can satisfy your selfcare needs by checking nutrition boosters, prenatal vitamins and healthy bites, and pregnancy-craving foods like pickles and fruit snacks. The maternity shop of Newmi has everything under its roof right from healthy foods, maternity wears, and pregnancy-safe skin and body care products to maternity accessories like belts and pillows, just to keep you comfortable and stress-free during pregnancy.  You can also throw in a mix of these pregnancy accessories to gift yourself a pregnancy selfcare kit. 


            Selfcare is personal. What works for one may not suit another. Newmi senses the pulse of each expecting mother and drafts a pregnancy and postpartum selfcare plan suiting their needs. Pregnancy is breathing positivity and making it flow inward to your womb so that your baby sees healthy growth and development, physically and mentally. Selfcare for moms has not been given due importance because society focuses more on the baby than the body that carries the baby. You can reverse the sentiment and turn the table by latching on to Newmi pregnancy care plans and also postpartum care plans for following selfcare after giving birth. 

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