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Preparing For Labor is Crucial

  • By Newmi
  • •  Oct 20, 2022

How to Prepare for Labor? The minute you learn about your pregnancy, you jump with joy and delight. Of course, it is a huge milestone in your life. Hearty congratulations to you.  But guess what, pregnancy throws in a lot of surprises for pregnant moms along the way. It is best you prepare ahead so that you can deal with them with ease. You might be buying popular pregnancy books to know and understand how your journey of 9 months is going to be. The books will offer truckloads of theory but to know some of the practical ways to ease into your labor is in your hand and how prepared are you to become a mother. Worry not, Newmi has jotted down some quick handy tips to prepare for labor that you could run through.

Why is prenatal care important?

    Prenatal care is a precursor to a healthy pregnancy. Preparing for labor and delivery goes hand in hand with prenatal care. It clears the roadblocks and paves for a healthy pregnancy. It encompasses everything you require to be fit during pregnancy such as monthly check-ups, scans, diet, and weight management sessions, yoga and fitness classes, getting body ready for labor methods, etc. As soon as you get pregnant, sit with your doctor and understand what prenatal care is all about.  Most possibly, your doctor will put you in touch with a prenatal care expert. The prenatal care packages from Newmi are equipped with facilities like prenatal care experts and other learning tools that have proven expertise to catch the risks and complications early on and provide access to healthcare solutions. 

    What are the ways to prepare for childbirth?

      Tests and scans 

      Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. All three trimesters have a retinue of tests, which will clarify the way forward. Be present for all the tests including your regular blood test, ultrasounds, and double and triple markers. It will help your doctor assess your health and baby’s growth, and catch the risks early on. Testing should not be avoided at any cost. 

      Prenatal supplements

      Prenatal supplements or vitamins advised by your doctor should be taken regularly. They will aid in your baby’s growth and nutrition. Folic acid, a vitamin supplement, helps avoid neural defects in your baby and keeps the neural pathways away from any risk. Also, regular intake of vitamins during pregnancy prevents preterm birth and other complications like miscarriage, low birth weight in babies, and preeclampsia.

      Diet and nutrition

      Watch out for your daily dietary pattern. Consume fruits and vegetables to keep you nourished. Drink water to keep you hydrated. You can check with your doctor about pregnancy-safe foods and foods to avoid during pregnancy. Go light on your sugar cravings. You should have milk and milk products to fill yourself with proteins. Keep a pack of health mix or superfoods like nuts and seeds to keep you nourished between meals. 

      Fitness routine

      Fitness is an unsaid tip for pregnant moms. Join a prenatal class or get yourself registered in an easily doable fitness regime that can be followed regularly and is sustainable even after the delivery of your baby. Easy stretchable low intensive exercises and movements should be followed throughout the trimesters to avoid falls or injury. Speak to your fitness expert and follow the exercises under his observation. Do not practice yoga asanas looking at online videos as it can have adverse effects on your growing bump. Everybody has their threshold so don’t go against its natural capacity. If you feel breathless and uncomfortable, stop it at that very moment.  

      Mental health

      Mental health is very crucial throughout your pregnancy period. Healthy pregnancy has a direct link with your mental health. See that you are not taking any unwanted stress or anxiety, getting enough sleep, and staying away from draining negative thoughts. You can avail great benefits by enrolling yourself in Garbh Sanskar class as it structures your routine in a way that embeds and envelops positive activities with a systematic approach. The thoughts that you feed during pregnancy are going to affect your baby so keep in mind that you steer clear of negative vibes and unpleasant thoughts.

      Hospital supplies 

      Preparing hospital bags for delivery is the secret to having a stress-free pregnancy period. It is the first step that comes before the preparation of the labor room. To welcome your baby, you need to be hospital ready. Pack your medical files and documents, body moisturizer, your toiletries, baby essentials like diapers or cloth nappies, comfortable swaddles, baby cream, blankets, and burp cloths. This will help you have hassle-free labor. Check out Maternity essentials and baby essentials like maternity and nursing wears baby swaddles, and creams from Newmi – your one-stop destination for all maternity needs.

      Why should you opt for childbirth education classes?

      Pregnancy is a joyful ride yet very unpredictable. Giving birth for the first time can trigger happiness as well as anxiety in expecting moms. With the help of proper guidance and knowledge, you can lower anxiety. Childbirth education class is one such approach where you will find a structure, a process along with efficient teachers who have proven expertise in the birthing process. While it revolves around prenatal education, childbirth education class is much more than that. You will get to learn about your post-pregnancy body, weight management techniques, perineal preparation for labor methods, sustainable diet plans, confinement period foods, insights on breastfeeding and massaging techniques, etc. 

      Newmi childbirth classes for pregnant women

      Newmi childbirth education classes are purely designed with an approach to educating women while they are carrying and also beyond the nine-month pregnancy period. That is, you will get prenatal support as well as postnatal support from Newmi experts. Newmi has a team of experienced health professionals who will discuss a personalized approach and offer the best healthcare solution for you. 

      The main premise of Newmi childbirth class is to teach you methods to cope with labor, prepare your body for labor, improve your delivery experience and build confidence in yourself to handle your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Keeping that as a priority, you will get to know signs and stages of labor, natural pain-relieving techniques, pain management techniques with epidurals or other medications, breathing and pushing techniques, and various labor positions to speed up labor. 

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